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Check out the mega hit show/network that's getting over 5-Million Viewers
  • An exclusive Internet and TV show which was established to help people in need around the World! 

  • Since its public announcement in September 2018... the video blog show has captured more than 5-Million viewers monthly.

  •  That's 5-Million Fans/Buyers for our advertisers!

  • Pricing quotes depends on service needs. Financing options are available. Contact Us for an Individualized Price Quote ]
  • 3, 6, or 12 Month Advertising Contracts Are Available.

The Show Viewership/Buyers Will Reach Over 20 Million in 2019!
  • The show adds over 2 Million viewers per month. [Counting website viewers only... not the estimated 90 Million TV  infomercial viewers starting in February]

  • Upon its pilot show January 4, 2019 its viewership grew from 800,000 to more than 2.5 Million within a week! [Web traffic only] as the infomercial showings will not begin until February of 2019.

  • Successful TV infomercials on national cable networks seen in all 50 States and Canada has been proven to gross product sales from $20 to $500 Million per year.
Our Clients Get The Inside Track by Advertising With Us!
  • The Sterling Royal Family video blog/infomercial show is owned and produced by the Sterling's and is shown exclusively on the website [which the Sterling's own] and beginning in February will be shown on national cable TV networks [which the Sterling's will purchase paid programming times every week] and exclusively advertise our clients products during the show to Over 5-Million fans.

About Our Consumers/Buyers
  • Digital Age Millennial's [Our working class habitual computer browsers]

  • Generation Z's [Our habitual Smartphone,  YouTube, Reality Show watchers]

  • The over 45 Yrs Of Age Insomnia TV  Watchers [New fans captured by 30 minute infomercial shows]

We're the best at what we do
The Sterling Royal Family video blog/infomercial show captures the following: